Remembering What it Means to Be Human:

Things we have forgotten and why we need to remember them

by Irene McDermott

A book that challenges conventional wisdom about how we live and provides designs for a better way is now available for your reading pleasure!!!

If you have you ever felt discontentment or unease about how we live within our current world, this book is for you. It will make you think! This book presents an honest and open exploration of how our current cultural context has blinded us and prevented us from remembering what it means to be genuinely human. This is a guide book for reconnecting with the elements of our essential nature.

Go to www.irenemcdermott.com for options in purchasing the book in either print or as an e-Book and stay connected to this site (become a follower!!) to stay up to date on events related to the book.

The book offers a structure for discussion and exploration of the presented ideas. It can also be used to examine and guide decision making in our world of muddled priorities by suggesting ways to take our essential nature, our humanness into consideration.

One thought on “About

  1. Jack Woida says:

    Irene has authored a ‘humanist manifesto’. You may or may not agree with everything she says, but if you don’t re-examine your core beliefs after reading what she has to say, then maybe you’re not remembering what it is to be human.


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